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My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer Oct 2002. Jan 2003 she had her lower lobe removed at which time the doctors told us they got it all and no further treatment was nessasary. April 2003 she had a seizure and was told she now has metastatic brain tumors. She under went 6 weeks of radiation treatments. I am her primary caregiver and need to know what to expect next. The doctors say "everyone is different, we just can't say" I am so frustrated. I need to know so I am prepared and don't fall apart. She needs me. Resently I have noticed a loss in hearing, dizzyness, loss of appitite and short term memory loss. I am scared and alone on this. Please, if anyone can share their experience and advice I would be sincerely grateful.


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    I am sorry for your mother and you. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. I had my entire lung removed, but it metasticized on my pancreas. Your doctor was correct when they said that everyone is different, but they should be able to give you some guidance. When I went through my chemo, I had a loss of appetite, some dizziness, and some memory loss. These are some of the possible side effects of chemotherapy. If they are caused by this, they will get better. As you have access to the internet, go to www.gildasclub.com and see if they have one near you. Just being able to sit ant talk with someone who knows what you are going through can make all the difference. If there's no club near you, try other cancer support groups in you area. Also check out web sites on your mothers type of cancer. I found that the more I kn ew, the less afraid I was, because I knew what to expect. This also helps. Love Anne Cuozzo
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    hey , I am so sorry, I cannot answer your questions but I know someone who can my brother. He was moms caregiver, I will ask if I can give you his email address. He is very depressed its only been 15 months since we lost mom. He is alot like me so I am sure the answer is yes . My email address is shorefreak@msn.net