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Has anyone heard of Chemo-Brain? My family started kidding me that I had Chemo-brain because after all my treatments I could not remember things like I used to. I then found this term somewhere in my cancer reading material with the same meaning. Of course I have always forgotten to ask one of my doctors, LOL.
I'd also like to know if anyone else has been told not to carry anything over 5 pounds with their hand/arm on the side where their Mastectomy was performed. I never asked, forgot again, and was never told for how long?
Thanks, Nancy


  • peg123
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    Yes, I have heard of it and I think that I have it once in awhile.I finished chemo 6 weeks ago. It can be very frustrating. I did just turn 50 last week but I don't think 50 is that old to forget things! So I too am told I have Chemo-brain. When you think about it, with all the chemo meds. that were put into our bodies to kill cancer cells and sometimes it kills some good cells too, it doesn't surprise me that a few brain cells got hit too.

    As for carrying things, I had a double mastectomy and I was told not to carry anything heavier than 10 pounds on the side that had positive lymph nodes removed. I do experience some swelling if I cheat and carry too much.
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    I was told not to carry any more than 2 lb. with the left arm because I had a problem with lymphedema. I believe this is a forever thing, but was also told to use your best judgment -- say if there is 1 day where your shoulder bag gets a little heavy, ok, but after that go back to a light weight purse.
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    I had a mastectomy and was told nothing over 10 pounds. It's definitely a forever thing. I was also told to keep my arm skin moist with lotion since dryness causes itching and scratching can set off lymphedema. The same is true of a bad sunburn or even a mosquito bite. Tight rings, bracelets or watches that restrict can have the same effect. In short, protect your arm.
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    Chemo brain may not be its ''medical'' term - but it is very real! and very scarry! I had boughts that I could not remember my childrens names, names of daily household items, and even my way to my doctors office while driving. It has sence gotten better (its been over a year) but things still come to me slowly at times - Im 46 now.