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Hi Oz2 and Kathy.How are yo both doing? Everything is the same here(NJ)Iwent to see my doc on monday and my cbc was good. I also got a call from Hackensack hospital and I have 2 matches so far for my transplant. I aam going to HAckensack hospital on April 2nd to see the doc about the transplant and what is going on.Marion, I thoughtI was the only one that had a traansplant that did not work .I guess we are the same in many ways.
Kathy, sorry about your husband. How is he doing and how are you coping with the stress?I hope his pressure is down. I know the thought of chemo puts a lot of stress on both of you. Let me know how things go and I will be thinking of all of you .Please keep in touch it is nice to talk.


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    Hi Debbie ,sorry so late with the reply, but I don't go online every day..Good news re the two matches..wow..bet you are on top of the world?,well kinda hey?..Fingers are crossed for 2nd april, keep ue informed ok?..good oh..I have been told by my specialist that an alleo transplant is no good for me, but then he changes his mind so often,at least we have sorted out some of our problems,and I can still use my stem cells and have more chemo, but at the moment he wants me to w/w as I have had so much treatment in the pass 5 yrs..I can go on a trial, but think I will hang on for as long as possible,as my blood is comming back normal etc, so will wait for the next Ct scan,at the moment all my reports are under review,so I guess I wait till my next appointment on the 28th April..ah the waiting..drives me mad..Kathy how is your hubby? as he is in my thoughts also ,please keep in contact..Take care both of you.Hugs .Marion.