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I was treated for breast cancer last year and soon after my treatments I started having pain in my groin area and in my knee. I have had x-rays, bone scans and a MRI still no answer to the pain. It is not a bad pain and it does not happen everyday. I am determined to find out what is causing the pain. I will see my oncologist in a couple of weeks. Maybe someone out there has experienced the same problem.


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    I had some "vague" pains and one suggestion was glucochondrotin (? spelling) - I tried it and it's help. Just a thought - might work for you too.
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    Starting about 3 weeks after chemo, during radiation, I started having groin pain also. It has been an on and off pain ever since. I have had ultra sounds, bone scans and an MRI and like you, nothing unusual was found. My family doc wants me to have a test done of my bladder. I didn't want to, but think I just might. When it bothers me, I worry and like you I want to know what it is. If I find out anything I will post. Best wishes to you, Amelia
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    Immediatley following chemo and radiation I started having a lot of pain in my knees and hips. My oncologist said some women have this sort of arthritic reaction. I too am taking glucosamine/condroiten (sp?), which has helped some. It's best to have it checked out, but for me time was the best healer. About 7-8 months after treatments ended, the pain started to get better. Hope yours improves with time as well. Ellen