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hi, i'm new to this site. i was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2000. had laparoscopic colon resection no lymph nodes involved. my past colonoscopy's have been good but i have one comming up end of april and i'm getting so stressed out about it ..that its all i think about! i keep all this inside and no one can know the fear you feel unless you are another cancer survier.. can someone please let me know how you handle this.. thanks


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    Welcome to the semi colons
    You have taken the first step by comming here and letting it all out, we all handle the stress differently. Keep up the good work.
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    Hi Maggie,
    I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. I had surgery and temporary ileostomy. I am now undergoing treatment (chemo and radiation to start April). I know the fear very well. It is true, that is all I think about somedays. I do share these feelings with my family but not all of the time. My suggestion to you, which is what I do, is maybe keep a daily journal of all your feelings. I don't know if it helps but maybe subconsciously it does. Maybe I would feel worse if I didn't journal. I also try to keep as busy as possible. I am on short term disability so I can't work right now, but I am fairly busy at home. Maybe just sharing here helps. Who knows. Anyway, that is what I do. Good luck and keep in touch.
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    Hi maggi....I was diagnosed in March 2001...I understand the stress you are going through...I am a survivor also..I handle my own stress by scrapbooking and sharing the pages I have made with my family....I also share the fear with them it is ownly fair that they know that I am stressed out everytime my testing comes back up again ....they always say they can tell by the amount of pages I complete as to the amount of stress i am really helps me to become busy with my scrapbooking.......Best of luck to you!!