Hodgkins symptoms

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Hi, I have been reading that itchy skin and night sweats are symptoms. Where does the itchy skin occur? Does it look like poison ivy? I am having some symptoms and wondering if people could describe theirs a little more so I can see if I need to go to a doctor or not.



  • mommom2000
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    Hi, jdivine. You should definitely have it checked out and remind your doctor that itching and sweats are indeed symptoms of Hodgkins; some doctors apparently aren't very aware of it. I itched for two years before a chest xray showed a tumor under my ribcage where it couldn't be felt by touch. My itching began shortly after I quit hormone replacement therapy, so I thought at first that was what was causing it. It was not a rash or breakout of any kind, just a deep-down itching that started on my legs. No matter how hard I would scratch, it didn't relieve the itching. Finally I scratched so much that I did break the skin and was covered by sores. My doctors tried allergy meds, cortisone cremes, scabies treatment, UVB lights; the only thing that temporarily helped was soaking in the bathtub. The symptoms completely disappeared after my first chemo treatment. Your symptoms may be connected to hormones or such (I don't know how old you are, or even if you're female!) but it's better to be safe than sorry, so check it out!
  • 81193
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    jdivine, true these are symptoms of Hodgkins but they could also be symptoms of something else.the best way to tell is to see your doctor.The itching with HD makes you what to scratch tell you draw blood. It doesn't get better with any meds,only with chemo.The itching usually is all over.Make sure when you go to the doctor, to tell him or her all of your symptoms,they need to know.Take care and God Bless!
  • gp09
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    jdivine, if you haven't already do get it checked and like mommom2000 said, a lot of doctors don't know the symptoms. I didn't have the sweats but the itching just about drove me nuts for over a year. Also, insist that the doctor check for cancer and don't let him try to play it off. When I was growng up there was in magazines and tv commercials the seven warning signs of cancer. I don't remember six, but one was "a change in a wart or a mole." A mole on my arm had a knob start growing out of it. When I told the dermatologist he just said moles do that sometimes. Another time I told him that I read that sometimes a rash which can't be figured out comes from cancer. I forget if he even said anything then.

    I had torn the cartilage in my knee and the preadmission testing showed enlarged lymph nodes. A cat scan showed a tumor, and a biopsy found it to be hodgkins. Get checked and don't let a doctor play it off.