So Scared

Hi all--got a pap back a few weeks ago showing severe dyspalsia with some cells suspicious for carcinoma in situ--I go for the biopsy on March 25th.

My question is is the Pap a good indicator for what you actually have--or is there a good chance it could be worse when I get the biopsy results back?

Thanks so much!


  • Dessiree
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    I'm new to this and i'm scared too but i know it's got to get better. Just don't give up
  • vix
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    Hi there; a PAP only goes into the cervix, which is the opening of your uterus. I imagine your test on the 25th will involve going into the uterus and removing tissue for a biopsy. (I had this procedure and it was called an endrometrial aspiration; kind of like a D & C) I know you are scared, but keep good thoughts until you know more. (I know; easier said than done) I ended up having cancer, and had a radical hysterectomy which caught all of it. Cervical and uterine cancer are the most treatable of the female cancers. You have a difficult road ahead of you, even if you are (and I do hope!) cancer free right now. You will need to keep close tabs from now on. Early detection is THE KEY to survival. But, you have a lot of support and friends here on this site who will always be here for you. Write down anything you are questioning for when you see the doctor. It will help alot. Don't feel as if you can't ask questions; it is YOUR body and you must take charge. There are no questions that they can't answer for you. Don't panic...and DO take someone with you to be your "ears." Please let me know how you do; I will be thinking of you until then. Hoping that you receive good news, and praying that you do. Take a deep breath and stand strong; it will get better. As I said, there are many friends and supporters here so keep coming back when you need one. Bless you and keep me posted? Victoria
  • Amata
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    Wait until you get your biopsy results. This will give you a better idea what you are dealing with. Your doctors may need to do a LEEP procedure in the doctor's office. they take a laser and cut out the bad cells. Or they may need to do perform a cone biopsy which is a day surgery. Which ever procedure the doctors perform on you, they will have a better understand of the cells that you have on your cervix. Good luck on the 25th.
  • grannyfranny
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    I hope your biopsy comes out all right. The good news ( if it isn't TOTALLY good news) is that, if you have to have cancer, I'm told that carcinoma in situ is a good kind to have. It would be small and self-contained, if that's an appropriate term. The doc could just whip it out and that would be the end of it. I was told all this as it was explained that my cancer was NOT in situ. (But I'm doing fine anyway.)

    So here's hoping that you don't have anything wrong at all, but that if you do, it's easy to fix. Cancer is scary to think about, but a lot of cancer patients do get well.