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has anybody ever had a cystoscpy before? Is it painful? My dr. says it is not. I am almost 9 months post RP and, although I can't get an erection, I have serious pain when I reach climax. The dr. says that he has never heard of anything like this before. I had a ct scan a couple of weeks ago and they saw nothing. He thinks that this test will let him see what the problem is.


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    Billy, I had it. It took all of about 5 minutes and did not feel anything except a possible little pressure.

    I had seed implant. Had a burning sensation a month or so after. Sometimes, according to doctor one of the implanted seeds close to the outer bourdary may work itself to the boundary and irritate it thus, he went in, looked around (you can watch on the screen too)!

    Seriously, it was no big deal and can be very informative to the doctor looking for any obstruction etc...

    Good luck
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    I'm a little late on this, but if you haven't it yet, it was simple and painless. I have had 10 of this procedure. I also had 6 coddage injection and three catheters. I don't want to say you get use to them, but you get use to them.

    Good luck and God Bless