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Hi. I'm 18 years old and a college freshman. I just found out that I have cervical cancer. I'm really scared. I try to stay healthy and all, I eat right and exercise, I figured I'd be the last person on Earth to get cancer. The worst part of this, though, is that I don't have anyone to talk to. My parents are going through a divorce (with 4 kids involved) and don't have time for me. My boyfriend gets really upset whenever I try to talk to him about cancer, he says it's too depressing to think about. I can't handle this! Between work and school, I don't have time for cancer! What can I do???


  • jerwin
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    I know you are afraid. Cancer is scary.
    I was diagnosed in August with cervical cancer
    and although I am alot older than you I would be
    glad to talk and share our experiences. Remember, you are not alone!
    J. Erwin
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    I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I am a college student also. I am on this discussion board because my Mom has uterine cancer. I also find that a lot of young people don't want to discuss cancer because it is too depressing. My boyfriend included! Sometimes it seems like its all I can talk about. It is so important to surround yourself with positive people who can lift your spirits. I hope your parents will put their problems aside to be there for you. I found several books and cds (which are great for the car) that cheer me up and empower me when I feel scared or need inspiration. There are tons of wonderful people on this website that understand what you are going through and care. My email address is [email protected]. My Mom's web page is Jashe2350 if you want to send a message through this website. Please email me if you need someone to listen. If you just need to vent your frustruations thats okay too. If all you need is a pep talk, I am getting really good at those also! I will keep you in my prayers.

    Best wishes & God Bless,

  • jerwin
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    Kendall, I want to reply to you, but seem to have problem sending these replies. Let me know if you get this, Janice (jerwin)
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    You're really going through a lot but you've come to the right place. Stay focused on your treatment options and try to avoid stress. Your boyfriend probably can't deal with the thought of you going through something "he can't fix". I've been there , my boyfriend eventually turned around and got involved. Now he takes me to my doctor appointments! He's becoming a pain in the a** but I love him for it. You can't do anything about your parents so let them deal with their own issues. It seems like a lot and it is but you can and will make it through this storm. I'll keep you in my prayers. God Bless You.
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    Forget school, it will wait - talk to your Dr about support groups - you need that right now if you are not getting it from your family. FOCUS ON YOU KENDALL, LIVING ANG GETTING TREATMENT. Believe you will make it through and pray for strength. You have your whole life ahead of you - trust in a higher power and look for support groups. Best of luck