Hysterectomy Post Treatment


I was diagnosed with uterine cancer after it metastasized. The gynecological oncologist did a biopsy of the tumor, but decided against a hysterectomy. He wanted me to start chemotherapy immediately. The chemo put the cancer in remission. Now I am watching and waiting. Doctors seem split on whether to do a hysterectomy. When I am strong enough I want to undergo the surgery. Is there anyone else who is in a similar situation or faced a similar decision? Thank you for help.

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    With no warning except a bit of heavy bleeding, my sister was diagnosed on March 5th with Stage IVB Uterine Cancer which has metastisized to her lungs and 6th rib bone. She was also told she has "spots" in her abdomen and on her liver. Her oncologist has her starting radiation today on the rib and she will start chemo on Wednesday. It is my understanding from all my reading, conversations with physicians and patients, plus my own research that once the cancer has metastasized from the uterine area that both radiation and chemo are the appropriate treatments, not surgery. None of her doctors have even considered surgery, just radiation and chemo. Perhaps her case is different that yours but I hope that it helps to have another opinion.
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    You should probably get another opinion about the surgery question, to give yourself some piece of mind about doing the best thing.

    I'll say a prayer for you, and best of luck!