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This is my first time posting. I was diagnosed in January with Advanced Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Because it is also in my spine, I spent most of Jan. & Feb. on pain meds for my back...and Radiation. I am being treated with Tamoxifen. I am trying my best to still deal with all with all the upset...emotionally & financially.


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    I'm sorry that you're having to deal with so much all at once. During this time of stress it can be overwhelming to just try to cope with everyday life. I hope friends and family are helping you out, but it's difficult for them, too. They may say they're feeling your pain, but may just not understand because they haven't been through it. If you are able, try to find a support group that lets you talk through this stuff. In support groups, like here in this group, you're free to express your feelings, worries and fears without alarming, scaring or hurting anyone. We (suvivors) all know where you're coming from. For most of us, a wierd sense of humor comes out too -- and to the person that hasn't had cancer, they sometimes don't "get it". ...not that this is an exclusive club, we're certainly not above anyone else, but it's just something that when you've experienced it, you understand.

    Try to do something special: go to a movie, read a book, listen to a CD, take a walk in the park, watch a high school or Little League baseball game(I don't know where you're at, on the West Coast it's been beautiful, we keep hearing about the East getting more winter weather and that doesn't help emotions either). Sometimes getting out and being in a crowd of others gets you feeling more normal ... especially where no one knows you, you get treated normal too (unless you're bald!, then they take notice)

    I hope it helps to know that there is a lot of love and support and prayer out here ...

    Do take care.
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    I just want to tell you my thoughts are with you. I hope you have friends and family to support you in this difficult time. Y:ou have come to the right place for encouragement and support, there are many wonderful, kind people who reach out to one another here.
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    I am so sorry that you are going through this. But just know this is a wonderful place to come for some support, a shoulder to cry on and a good place to get information or the direction to find information that you might want. Take care, I will be saying prayers for you
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    Hi shutterbug:

    I'm glad that you've posted here. I know it's still quite soon after your dx but "now" is always the right time to reach out toward
    caring and support from people who understand your emotions and thoughts and I know you'll find just that, here.

    I'm hoping you'll share a bit more about yourself when you feel up to it. You can find people here almost any time of the day or night, in the chat rooms and of course, you can post at any time.

    I'm hoping that your back pain has come under control and that the radiation has been helpful in that. Are you undergoing any other treatment right now, aside from the Tamoxifen? Do you have family/friends who are able to help with tasks and errands, etc. when you may not feel up to it?

    Cancer brings us so many hurdles: social, emotional, physical and financial. Relationships can change, people may not respond in ways which we perhaps expected them to, which can leave us feeling betrayed and upset. Add these potential difficulties to the shock of the diagnosis and it can easily become overwhelming. Remember that you are not alone.

    Warm hugs to you.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hi Shutterbug, you didn't say if you were premenopausal but I'm guessing you are if you're taking Tamoxifen instead of one of the newer aromatase inhibitors. When I was diagnosed, what helped me the most was getting involved in my treatment options by researching and reading everything new in the field of breast cancer. I felt less helpless and the research I read gave me hope. I was also wondering if you're from a small town or near a metropolitan area? I ask only because one of the articles I recently read said breast cancer treatments vary widely depending on the part of the country where you live. It was also important to me that I had a medical team that answered my questions and considered my preferences when it came to prescribing treatment. Don't hesitate to get a second opinion if you have any doubt your course of treatment is the best that's available at this time. Know that there are so many new drugs, two since I was diagnosed just a year ago, now helping us battle breast cancer. Prayer got me through the rough times and the support you'll find here is the best. You now have all our prayers. Stay positive.
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    I'm so glad you found this message board. It is such a valuable resource for all of us. We can all understand the emotional and financial distress you are working through now. It stinks. At least we all have one another. Hope you are beginning to see improvement. I know that little voice that says it is hard to believe that this can ever work out well... and the other little voice that says to believe in miracles. Stick with the second one.
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    Thank you all for the encouraging words...they mean alot. It takes all the energy I have emotionally and phyiscally to get through the work week, then mostly over the weekend I try to get as much rest as possible. Sometimes turning the puter on is the last thing on the list!