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Question - A friend of mine at work told me that it is the law in the state of Virginia that you receive a colonoscopy every ten years starting at 50. Does anyone know anything about this?


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    dunno, but don't believe that any state or other agency could legally make such a requirement-(?)
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    Wow I have never heard of legislation regarding mandatory medical testing. That sounds rather odd.

    peace, emily who hopes everyone gets colonoscopies w/out the govt making it law
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    I never heard of that. Don't see how they can do that.
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    j -

    As a Virginia resident, I am completely unaware of this. I do know that the "commonwealth" (Pu-Lease don't call the formah Capitahl o' th' Confederacy a "state", y'all!)... I do know they try to "stick it to us" annually with a car tax that should have been repealed years ago, but I don't believe that is in any way related to an actual medical procedure. If I had my way about the car tax, however, the people responsible for the car tax would ... oh well... I'll just leave that alone...

    You might check with the VA Department of Public Health.

    - SpongeBob