getting ready to start reconstructive sugrery

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Hi iam getting ready to start reconsturction in may i i forgot to ask the doc or if he said i dont rember from beging to end how long does it take for this.iam doing the saline implants.If anyone could help me out i would appreciate it.Bunnie


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    Depends if you are having expanders and how much you need to stretch the skin. One opinion, don't try to move too fast. Increase the size in the expanders a little each time. It took me 6 weeks (saline injected weekly through a small port under my breast attached to the implant) and then we removed the expanders and put in the permanant saline implants and now, I am near the end of the 3 months to settle. Once settled I will have nipples added and tattooing of the aerolas. Possibly some liposuction for my "dog ears" the excess skin left when the breast is removed under your amrs on your sides that sags. It's because of the surgery and can be dealt with. So, it's the beginning of the end of surgeries for you but this part makes you feel better because you are putting pieces back together. So, good luck!
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    Hi Bunnie
    This is the first time for me on this discussion. I am due for the saline implant next Friday. I had the tissue expander done at the same time with my masectomy on October 24th. I was told by the Plastic Surgeon that it would be an hour surgery (approx) and each patient differs with regards to time off from work. Most patients feel better in approximately two weeks. I would like to know if the incision for this surgery would be done through the same mastectomy incision and if it would be that long. I had a radical masectomy.
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    I also had a radical mascetomy then went for reconstruction after the chemo. They put the expander in in April. I received my injections every week for about 3 weeks. I found the injections quite painful and wished I didn't have them fill it up so quickly. They filled me up to a D cup so the other side which was a B didn't match. They needed to over fill me so that the skin would relax and look normal afterwards. I got my expander out in August. Then in November I received my nipple and tatoo and had a lift on the otherside. They just recently redid the tatoo last week, the Plastic surgeon felt it didn't match and promised to make it better. It is a long road, but one I am pleased to say was worth it. It doesn't look normal, but I feel in a bathing suit or bra you couldn't tell I had a mascetomy. We have come a long way baby!!!!! Good luck to you!!! Cammie
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    Good for you bunnie. I am almost at end of reconstruction. I had the areolar reconstruction in december and am supposed to start tatoo part soon. I had expanders at time of mastectomy and had to wait until after all treatment finished before I could get the implants put in. It is through the same incision and in my opinion not bad at all. There is no feeling there anyway since nerves were cut during mastectomy. Even my new nipple has no feeling, oh well. For me I am so glad I did this. I even had the other side lifted when I had expander exchanged for implant. Good luck on your surgery. Sharon