Incisional Hernia

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My husband had bowel resection in October 03, colon cancer, Duke's C2, currently doing 6 months of chemo, and he now has a grapefruit size hernia next to the abdominal incision. The oncologist says he cannot have any surgery until after he finishes chemo. Has anyone else developed a hernia next to the incision site?


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    Hi Sunshine
    I too developed a hernia at the incisional site and have been having problems due to it, it seems I have motre problems with gas than anything else and with the gas a lot of pain, I have tried over the counter and different rx, the only one I found that helps more than the others is nulev that my family dr gave me. My onc won't let me have surgery due to the tumor I had burst before my surgery and he is afraid that it will awaken cancer cells and cause me more problems. Keep us updated on his progress.
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    Hi sunshine,

    Yep! I had that incisional hernia too and had it fixed last fall. Was glad I did even though the recovery was worse than my original surgery....but that was only due to having anal surgery at the same time. NEVER AGAIN! lol (had my hemmies removed too)

    I was cancer free and surgeon was same one who did my colon surgery and when he was in there he checked around and all was still looking good. :-)

    The thing is tho that once you have surgery you are prone to these incisional hernias again and again.

    peace, emily