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Hi I am new to the site, dx January with Stage 1C ovarian cancer. My Highmark BC/BS coverage is excellent so far. Does anybody have any info on what happens if I ever have to switch carriers for any reason (like my husband gets a new job)?



  • Eamh316
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    it all depeds on the insurance. some insurances can go to job to job.
  • BonnieR
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    We just switched insurance and everything is still covered. We went from BC/BS to preferred one. I suppose it does depend on insurance companies but when its through work I think your just covered. Now to go and get your insurance on your own would be a different a story.
  • pshnyc
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    I've heard both stories; some insurance can go from job to job with no interruption in coverage and others cannot. I thinnk it would be impossible to get coverage on your own with a pre-existing condition. It is also very tough if you work for a small company -- I think companies with under a certain number of employees (don't know how many) are not required to cover people with pre-existing conditions. Best to check before switching! I also was dx Stage 1C, in April 01 so am coming up on my 3 year anniversary! Good luck.
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    Hi rosiegirl, That's a very good question! I've heard (in my OVCA support group) discussion that a state can mandate that discrimination against pre-existing cancer patients not be allowed, but don't have personal experience to report. If all chronic diseases were reason to deny coverage, it would seem that asthma and other "chronic" conditions would be deniable, too.