dad went to hospital

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My dad had his 5th chemo treatment, he's been very nervous and is not comfortable with the way he's feeling. He has really bad fatigue, seems to have more bad days than good. He woke up thursday a.m. the day after his treatment and he told my mom he was not feeling well, so he ended up overnight in the hopsital. They did every test and everything was fine. The doctor said its the chemo, it accumulates. Is my dad going to feel like this all the time. I'm so frightened he has stage IIA and is having 6 mths of ABVD.


  • Dave95
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    I went through six months of ABVD. Definitely makes you fatigued. Also very stomach sick. I found one food I could tolerate and got plenty of rest. You have to fight through it. I'm an eight year Hodgkin's survivor.
  • dawter
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    my dad had the same. he's home now and finished his chemo but their some side effects 4 him b/e of his liver transplant b4 i was born. he's a lot better though compared to b4 on the chemo