Nerve damage from Radiation

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Hello All,
I am new to these boards and I have a question for anyone who had radiation for breast Cancer. I was diagnosed in Dec, 1999 and had a lumpectomy with Node removal, 4 rounds of A/C and 42 radiation treatments. All was well until about 6 months or so ago. I started having "cramp" like pains on my cancer breast. They started slowly and have now esculated to almost all the time. It is like a burning at times others it is like a knife cutting me. They last for seconds to minutes at a time. My Oncologist sent me to a pain management doctor who says it is damaged nerves from the radiation and he has tried nerve blocks, narcotics and now is suggesting nerve surgery to actually remove the nerves. Has anyone had any of these symptons or had the surgery?
I would appreciate any advice. Good or bad..


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    I still have pain occasionally. The burning sensation. I'm going on 2 years since surgery and 1 yr 3 months since the end of treatment. Mine is not constant but it is annoying at times. I also have burning pains in my chest bone up under that breast. My oncologist told me that it takes years for everything to go back to normal (what's normal by the way?) I don't think anything will ever be normal again. I would get a second or even a third opinion on surgery to that breast. One thing I do have is alot of scar tissue which is now being called fat necrosis under the scar on that breast. The more surgeries you have the more scar tissue you develop. Scar tissue in and of itself causes pain and, it also makes it difficult for your doctors to read your mammograms. I keep having to have biopsies because of scar tissue. Everytime I have to have one I go thru all that worrying related to breast cancer. So, I suggest you get 2 or 3 opinions prior to agreeing to any surgery. I have also found that exercising with weights (small ones!) has helped me a great deal, especially for the under arm node thing. Exercising that area is important to keep it from hurting believe it or not. You can do a search online to read about that. Good luck to you and keep in touch, Diana
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    Hi Sunnyskye,
    I appreciate your advice and I will definitely look into it. Good luck and take care.
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    I also had a lumpectomy, node removal, A/C and radiation (I was diagnosed in February 2000) -- and I have experienced some of the symptoms you are describing although I'm not in pain continually. I had to have additional surgery this past June due to Melanoma and they did a sentinel node removal under the same arm I had the lymphnode dissection. They used the same incision as I had before, in fact the surgeon cleaned up some of the scar tissue. I exercise my arms daily at "Curves" and I have 1 lb. weights at home that I work with. I took a stress management class and that seems to help with pain. I don't know anything about the surgery you're describing -- but like others are saying, get other opinions before you have surgery again. Also, if you do have surgery, get advice about preventing lymphedema prior to having surgery. Good luck.
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    I was diagnosed and had a Mastectomy in Feb. 2000. I also have the pain you described. I was sent to a pain clinic after all the usual tests were done. They set me up with a TENS unit which did little to nothing for me. They now have me back to OT. I believe the only hope to us with extreme scar tissue is exercise. I would not jump to have another surgery. Please remember you can change Oncologist, or any of your doctors, at any time. If they do not suit you look for someone else. Our conditions should make us very choosy as to who gives us medical advise.