transanal excision surgery

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My husband had his surgery two weeks ago today. We found out one week ago today that the biopsy showed cancer free.
As of this past Saturday he was doing pretty well. Still had a little anus pain and a good amount of itching. But alot better than before. Then Sunday, he had 6-7 very watery stools. Had one more early Monday morning. Since then he has had pain almost like the day after the surgery and the itching is driving him crazy.
The doc called in a RX today and we are suppose to see him Friday.
Do you think the diareah (sp)has caused a set back? Have any of you that had this surgery had any of these problems?
Thanks in advance for any help.


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    If the itching is external, you might ask the Dr about two very soothing creams
    1. Sween Cream-Coloplast Corp-1-800-533-0464
    2. Calmoseptine Ointment Calmoseptine Inc.
    #2 is especially good for irritations from
    diarrhea, wound drainage, etc.