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I am in a dilemma about my next step in treatment and hope you can share some advice. I just completed 5 rounds of Taxol & Carboplatin. I am in remission. My oncologist recommended a maintenance dose of either Taxol or Carboplatin alone for 3 treatments based on the ovarian cancer study showing it prolonged remission. He also suggested a hormone therapy option with Megace since my cancer is hormone receptor positive. I have uterine cancer, but I know breast cancer is also treated with Megace. Does anyone have thoughts on Megace? Does anyone know if the ovarian cancer Taxol study is being applied to breast cancer as well? I appreciate your advice. Thank you for your input.



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    Hi ladybug:

    I haven't any experience with Megace but have read up on it a time or two. It seems that it is an antineoplactic drug which is also known to stimulate the appetite to help one gain weight. It is a synthetic hormone known as progestin and is typically used for treatment of uterine cancers. Some side effects are excess gas, nausea, increased appetite, rash, etc. It is apparently available in pill form as well as oral suspension.

    Sorry but I do not know anything about the Taxol/ovarian cancer study. If you go to www.nci.nih.gov and choose type of cancer and then choose uterine cancer, you should be able to find info about the study which may be helpful to you.

    If you go to google.com and type in Megace, you'll also find a number of sources of info there as well. Good luck and hope this helps some.

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