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I am trying to get a daily menu together and I find it hard to get 5 to 7 small meals together for each day. Any suggestions? Hungry boogirl!!


  • lynne40
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    Hi boogirl, try having a bland carb and a small amount of protein at each small meal.This will keep your blood sugar levels stable so you feel energized(hey as much as you can during chemo!)yet by eating small frequent meals you won't get so hungry in between. I assumed chemo is what you are talking about?! crackers w peanut butter or cheese or an egg would work. Soup and an apple, or an apple with peanut butter, grilled cheese and a pear or half a turkey sandwhich with a pear etc. Whatever sounds good to you as long as you have a tad of protein with your carbs you should be good! hope this helps,
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    If you're wondering about your meals during chemo treatments -- I found that I really liked Chinese food (hot and spicy). I also would go to the deli and see what looked appealing at the time. A food that I liked was devilled (sp?) eggs. It was easy to eat and was creamy on the throat. For some reason, I craved a Big Mac and vanilla shake about a week after each of my treatments! My husband would take me "out" for dinner at the local McDonald's -- I haven't had a Big Mac or vanilla milkshake since my last chemo treatment 3 years ago! As you can see, some of the things you may crave during your treatments, you have no desire to have when your stomach and body are back to normal and are not being torn apart by the chemo. You have to find what works for you during your treatments ... it doesn't have to be for a lifetime.
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    Great suggestions! Also, try pouring boiling water over 2-3 prunes. When the water cools enough, drink it and then eat the re-hydrated prunes. They go down easily and help fight chemo-induced constipation.

    I found I craved chinese food by the Saturday following Monday's chemo (ACT). That's how I knew I was on the mend from each round. I still love spicy Chinese, but there's a sandwich from a local deli that I can't bear to eat because I had it so many times following chemo. My friend's mom still associates chocolate with her chemo, so be careful what you eat ;-) I think if I never have chicken noodle soup again I'll be fine, but it sure did the trick for me when I needed it most.
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