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My hubby Hunt has stage 4 colon cancer. 17 out of 18 lymph nodes effected, large tumor removed from colon, mets to liver. He has had camptosar, clear 45 days, CEA count reach 24.9 with spots returning to liver, he was dx in Feb 2003, been one year, he is on oxaliplatin and has one more round of this before he is scanned. He says he will be clear. He is a God loving wonderful man and I can not imagine life without him. Stacy's survival story is a wonderful, more people in stage 4 or for that part with any cancer would love to hear her survival story. It brings HOPE in this world of cancer. My hubby is really positive and says... someone needs to be in that 5% survival group and why not it be him. He has turned it over to God and his healing powers. He will be scanned March 17-19 (?), and our onc. says if he is clear she is considering putting him of Erbitux once a week for precaution. I agree, with some kind of maintenance treatment. Has anyone undergone any treatment just for maintenance? Has anyone had experience with erbitux? God Bless you, and I pray for your good health. Schoolgirl


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    Hiya schoolgirl and Hunt.
    Thats the stuff us men are made of Hunt--never give in to this crap!If you take those 5% survival stats. mate and think of it as a worldwide thing then theres gotta be thousands that beat the odds mate!
    If you read my message on "thoughts" guys you will know that I'm sending the "touch" all the way over the "briney" to you!(could be a bit fishy when it gets there)--but hey, it's the thought that counts.
    Hope is a good word schoolgirl---mainly because there is so much of it here from all the guys to go around!
    cheers n hugs-kanga n jen
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    Ahoy, Schoolgirl -

    Not stage 4, never had Erbitux. Just wanted to say what a great attitude your husband and you have and how uplifting it was reading your post. Do you have a personal page? I believe your husband's story could give others the same positive energy you got from Stacy's.

    Best wishes for negative scans on St. Patty's day.

    God bless.

    - SpongeBob
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    Options This website will give you lots of information on erbitux. Take care. Lacar
  • Schoolgirl, your husband and my husband have the same attitude which is so important and you and I as caregivers are also on the same page...can't even envision life without them.

    Bert gets scans again on March 16 (stage III) so I know and understand the anxiety you are going through. Keep the faith and hang in there. My thoughts will definitely be with you and positive they shall be.

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    please go to for info on his protocol. It should be of help.

    peace, emily