Does any one find out that they get facial hair after chemo treatments

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Does any one find out that they get facial hair after having gone through chemo treatments if so is there any thing that takes care of facial hair because it makes me look terrible and I feel bad because it makes me look bad.


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    i have always had facial hair, after chemo and radiation i have long side burns, i have never had before, there not thick but i know it's there. i go to my beauty parlor and get it wax, you get use to it.
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    Hi Marilyn, I asked that same question awhile back I never had facial hair and I have more now too. Some of the ladies replied that it lessens as time goes on, mine has but I still have more than I did before chemo. I am only 6 months out from treatment so I'm giving it a little longer before I panic! But if it isn't gone I would say then I would wax or do electrolysis.
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    After I finished chemo and my hair started to grow back, I noticed fuzzy hair around my jaw line and on my neck. I mentioned to the oncologist that I was glad it wasn't dark. At the end of the month it will be 2 years since my last chemo and either it has disappeared or it isn't noticable since my hair grew in. And I keep it short, cut up over my ears. I hated to start doing anything to get rid of it because I was afraid it would just grow back darker. Give it time. Mine is gone now.
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    hi Marilyn,
    I had the same problem, if you took steroids during chemo. that is why you have facial hair.
    what i did was have a waxing done and then it never grew back.

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    Yes, I had a lot of facial hair along my jaw line. Although it was blonde, it was noticeable. My 16 year old niece was riding in the car with me with the sun shining on me and she said "Auntie, you sure have a lot of hair on your face!" -- I had only peach fuzz on my head at the time. It's been 3 years for me and there seems to be less of it, but I think more than I had before the chemo.
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    did you notice yours

    did you notice yours dissapear? I have it and I can't stand it.

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    I dealt with facial hair for

    I dealt with facial hair for a long time.  Waxing and dipilatories left me with redness and a rash.  I personally recommend either bleaching or shaving (with shaving cream), if you have sensitive skin. 

    Finally, I splurged and had it lasered.  It got rid of all but a few hairs and was highly effective for me.  But I did have to go for a number of treatments (included in the price). 


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    I started to get hormone

    I started to get hormone related black facial hair about 10 years ago already. I would pluck it. Then I started using my son's electric razor. When he moved out, I used shaving cream and a ladies razor...the kind the has the moveable head.

    Last year I learned about these small little razors made for bikini touch ups, and facial hair. You don't need shaving cream, don't need to worry about nicks, and it is not that much money and they last a long time. I bought mine at Walmart. Since I had the ovaries removed in November 2011, the hair really gets bad now. I have to shave my face more than my legs!!! 

    Electrolysis is way to expensive for me. So this is the best solution that I have found.

    Most women sooner or later will get facial hair with the decline of estrogen in the body.  Just takes a little work to take care of it. Like I said, I got my naturally in my 30's.