Custom Breast Prosthesis

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I have been informed that there is a company (Radiant Impressions) that makes custom breast prosthesis. They are quite expensive. I was wondering if anyone has one and can say if they are worth the money. Thanks !


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    Hi, I had a bilateral mastectomy performed February 6, 2003. Having no desire for additional surgery or a prolonged recovery, I was fitted locally at a prosthetics shop for the bras and prostheses I now wear. They're comfortable and look very natural so I have no complaints. My chest wall is now perfectly flat. I can understand for women who have had lumpectomies without reconstruction or for those with unique surgical situations that a custom cast prosthesis would be the best fit. The company you mentioned can be located at They answer many questions and offer photos of their products. Although I didn't buy from them, I researched and found an article that described how the bare chest wall is cast for a mold. Another cast is made with the client wearing a bra and prosthesis. Each cast takes about 30 minutes to complete. Along with pictures taken for the manufacturer and the careful fittings, the entire process takes about 90 minutes. There's a section of their web site that allows you to find shops in your home state or local area where this can be done. I would have had to drive about 2 hours to the closest. Cost was also a factor. Radiant Impressions breast prostheses cost about $2,800 compared with $350 for the traditional breast form. (Some insurance providers pay for the new forms.) I've also read that the difference in cost is worth it for those who have used both types of prostheses. If I weren't comfortable with my current fitting, it's definitely something I'd look into more closely. Good luck.