Thanks for reply Jat.

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Hi Jat many thanks for the reply, to the posting 3/3.Seems like we both have these little devils in the same area,but unlike you I have had the chop(Rituxan ) wasn't in Australia at the time I was first dx with nhl large diffuse b cells,so I missed out ,it is now here but is called MabThrea,but as I have relapsed,I have now had stem cell and high dose chemo (DHAP)and still no MabThera which works very well with the chemo, and if given with chop is excellent,have now found out that I have relapsed again ( am not going to plan like everyone else! very annoying) as the nhl I had is cureable(why isnt it working for me? I just don't know.) so I am now being told I had high grade nhl and that is cured but it must have been hiding a low grade nhl ,but so far nodes to small to confirm this,so we wait.Thanks for the info re the Vascular surgeon, I will be suggesting this when next I see my specialist.Well it is worth a try, as I want to know,this waiting is terriable.But am now nearly 5 yrs with nhl,so guess I am doing ok!stay positive my friend ,we can beat this.Sorry re the vomiting etc this didn't happen to me at all, so I can't help you there,I just got heaps of pain in my chest area and this was so bad I had a ultrasound and then a ct scan, this confirmed the nhl,so far through all this the bone marrow has been free ,this is great news.How many treatments of chop are you having? I had 4 think this was my down fall! I do wish you well and as I said before I found the chop quite easy to take,this supprised me,as I was expecting the worse,but after having chemo for BC ,chop was so much easier and I might add the High dose chemo was easy also,think I might be a tough old bird? lol..Hang in there ,time goes fast,prob doesn't seem like it now but it does.Once the hair grow back you will be as good as new.I have lost my hair three times now and to me this was the worst thing in this whole business. Thinking of you and saying a prayer for you as I know this will get to you,stay tuff and know that my thoughts are with you.Big hugs from me and god bless.