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I think all of us need hope and encouragement during this time, so I would like to share my story. I have Stage 2B Hodgkin's and have had 9 treatments of chemotherapy. I have 3 treatments left. I got all the testing (CT Scan, Pet Scan, you know the works) last week. Well, it came up virtually clean. There was only one miniscule spot believed to be some scar tissue anyway. I am at the beginning of my "remission". As hard as the treatments are to get through, it is so awesome to see that light at the end of the tunnel. Also, it's not like I have cancer anymore..I just have to keep getting the stuff a little more just to make sure I don't have to do it again. So, just know to always have hope. They always say how ABVD has done wonders with Hodgkin's. I was afraid at first like everyone else that it might not go away. But it is. And I am winning the fight just like all of us can.

Just a question. I have had 9 treatments like I said. I know some people mentioned that their hair started to come back around this time. I never completely lost all my hair, it is just very very thin. I just wanted to know when it started coming back for it comes back (slow, fast, thin then more). I just want to know what I can look for or expect. Thanks!!! God Bless!


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    Hi Ronnie, CONGRATS! It is great to hear that your treatments are going well!! Keep up the fight and you will be cancer free in no time. :-)

    We are similar in that I was also diagnosed with HD stage IIB. However, I did the Stanford V treatment rather than ABVD. It was 15 treatments over 12 weeks plus 4 weeks of daily radiation. In any case to answer your question, my hair grew back and grew back VERY VERY CURLY. This seems to be a common occurance. It's hard to compare since the cancer itself was causing my hair to thin, but I am pretty sure my hair is thicker than before and more dense. My hair started growing back during radiation, but really didn't fill in until about 4-6 months after treatment ended. Best Wishes!
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    What wonderfule news, it makes me feel even more confident my dad will beat this also. My dad is going to have his 5th treatment, he still has a few to go, although they say if there is no activity after the 8th treatment they might cut his treatment by 1 month. My dad has alot of fatigue, it makes him upset because he was very active before. Thanks for your update its great news your mind must be at ease now.
    God Bless.
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    Congrats Ronnie- That is great news- I had the ABVD regiment as well. My hair did not fully fall out during that chemo, just thinned dramatically as yours is. I did lose all my hair during my SCT and it came back really curly. They say it can change like that or also in color &/or texture. It will come back, it may be different but it will come back. Mine went from curly back to straight after about 6 months. Remembering what is was like during treatment I am wishing you the best and be sure to listen to your body and rest whenever needed.
    Thinking of you, KLKer
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    congrats on your good news...I had 8 ABVD chemo treatments in year 2000, lost about 75% of my hair. and what was left didn't grow very fast.. it started growing back 6 weeks to 2 months AFTER chemo was over... and yes it came back curly, and slightly darker brown than it was. I think I got about 80% of it back right away.. and then over the next 1 or so more came back.. my hair stayed curly for about 3 years. now it's more like what it was b-4 chemo, some curl and some wave.

    good luck to you!