Colon Blockage Questions!

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Does anyone know how long you can live with a COMPLETE Colon blockage? My Fathers best friend that is 83 years old has a complete blockage of the colon and they are NOT going to do surgery due to his age, heart and general health for the the fear that if he ever even wakes up they will not be able to take him off the respirator. The doctors say it's just a matter of time. But no real time frame. My Dad is sooo upset and is wanting some answers... Any help is needed! Thanks so much! Jennie


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    Jennie: I assume that they feeding your friend via tubes, and have some provision for by-passing the colon for waste material? I'm sorry, I don't have answers for you - I am sure someone will tho- there are many better informed people on this forum.. best wishes, Bud