Trying to help a friend with cancer

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My book club is interested in doing something for women undergoing radiation and chemo in our community. When I told them I was making a gift for my best friend Christine, who is being treated for ovarian cancer, they decided we would bring gifts for all the women that day or week so they knew there were others, even strangers, thinking about them. We have some comforting and simple gifts we think would help but we are not sure where the best place to bring them would be or when. Can anyone give us a little guidence and or suggestions? Thank you for your time.


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    Call a local oncologist and see where people get chemo and take some there. The place I went had a hat rack where donated hats and caps were put and some people made cloth carry all bags. They made afgans and such to cover us when we took chemo because we'd get cold. Others brought tins of cookies and crackers so- that might be a good place to start. C
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    You might contact your local American Cancer Society and ask to speak with someone involved in their Reach to Recovery program. Reach to Recovery provides one-to-one support for women dealing with breast cancer. My volunteer brought a lovely gift bag filled with information and items I could use during my recovery.
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    The new HIPPA regulations in regard to patient confidentiality may thwart your plan to simply show up and distribute anything to patients.