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I cannot have reconstruction unless I do the cutting of my back muscle. I am trying to find other options to avoid this and still have the reconstruction. Is this at all possible. THe surgeon says I do not have enough fat on my body?????


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    Hi GiGi-I was faced with the same situation when I opted to go with reconstruction. I had the Latissimus Flap procedure done and am extremely pleased with the results. I do have a major dimpled straight line scar that runs horizontally across the underside of my right shoulder blade, but it is hidden by my bra or bathing suit strap. I have nearly full movement and full strength in the impacted arm - my breast surgeon was required to take 14 lymph nodes from under my right arm, so the resulting scar tissue has slightly restricted complete circular movement. My hospital stay was a day and a half and my immediate recovery took about a week. My breast surgeon used a skin sparing technique when she performed the mastectomy, so my right breast looks as if I had a reduction done versus a radical. I know there are other donor sites that can be utilized for this type of procedure, but I hope I have helped alieve some of your concerns about having a Lat Flap done. My very best to you - Donna
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    I've just come back from my reconstruction surgery at Sloan Kettering. I too, did not have enough fat from my gut or shoulder, so I went the implant route. It's a longer process, but what else are you going to do if you cannot go the other way.
    Please respond if you would like more info. I'd be able to tell you all the steps involved.