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i wondered if anyone had any advice on this. I had 4 treatments of A/C and my hair thinned alot so I opted to shave it. I had my lumpectomy in Jan. and my hair started to come back in. Then it was reccomended that I do an additional 4 treatments of taxol. Once again my hair has thinned, but I haven't shaved it yet. It's about a 1/2 inch long. I'm just trying to figure out if it will come back in thicker if I shave it again or if it really won't matter one way or the other. My last treatment is tomorrow. Yeah!


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    Leave the hair alone as some is better then none in my book. Plus you are done and cong on that. It is fun to see the different colors and curls to straight etc you will have but after 18 months it will likely be back to what it was. Good Luck and Happy healthy living. Linda
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    I had FAC chemo in 2003 and my last chemo was Halloween day I shaved my hair after the second chemo and I got a lot of good attention during Halloween party. My hair come back very curly and thick. I used to have curly hair but later it got straight but now I have again great curly thick hair. I think it was easier to shave it during my chemo.
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    I can't believe you didn't lose all your hair. I lost mine 2 weeks after the first a/c treatment. During taxol I lost eyebrows, eyelashes and hair everywhere else. Your hair will probably seem thicker if you get it shaped up as it grows back in. Trimming off the scraggly ends makes it look better. Congrats on your last treatment tomorrow!!
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    Hi, I lost most of my hair in two weeks after my first a/c treatment so I shaved the rest. But it continued falling out because I got real shiney! I lost hair everywhere by the time I was done. My last treatment was Oct. 30th and my hair seems to be coming in awfully slow. It's about 1/4-1/2 inch long. I just went out yesterday for the first time without a hat,scarf,etc. It's curly and a bit darker than my normal hair. (I was white before now it's more gray). Cong. on your last treatment it's a good feeling to know you've made it. God Bless