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Maybe Hummingbyrd is right. But I saw the piece on the news about two weeks ago. The medical chief of (I believe I remember this correctly) NCI was interviewed. He has had more than one kind of cancer himself. He said that in ten years, humans might still get cancer, but that they would not suffer and die of it. This was on a Maryland news channel. We all hope he is correct, but so much has to do with money, health insurance, etc. that perhaps he is a bit over-optimistic. Oh well!


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    Maggs for once I really hope I am wrong. With the advent of the internet, being the information age, with sooo much at our fingertips we can push for a cure. Especially if people take a pro-active stance and get involved writing to their congressmen. Think what power we should have as a group. We just have to make some NOISE!
    Yes, a great deal has to do with money, but the money goes around and we are the main cog in the wheel. We can collectively control where that money goes, but only if we organize, collaborate and advocate for the same result...a cure. And it will have to be cancer patients that do it, not high paid executives.
    I was on a board the other night and a "bored_med_student" had responded to a message regarding pharmaceutical companies stating (not to me) a previous message...
    "...what makes people think they have a right to medication. Pharmaceutical companies employ people who have to make a living also. No one can expect them to cure everything."
    Course I'm sure you can just imagine my response!
    I'm just glad ignorance is not contagious.
    There is hope and everything is possible for him who believes, and I believe we are going to start hearing some people make some noise! ; )
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    Thanks, Hummer!!! It is always good to hear from you! There are many people who are more interested in the money aspect of their jobs than in any other aspect. If only money didn't rule the world, perhaps people would be free to learn what loving one another could really mean...