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Hi all,
Don't know if any of you have read any of Jerome Groopman's stuff. He has been excerpted in the New Yorker, and has written "Measure of our Days" and "Anatomy of Hope". Both books I found riveting; I picked up "Measure of our Days" while recuperating from my colectomy. Family and friends thought it odd that I was reading vignettes about cancer patients, some of whom did not survive their disease; I found the book very uplifting and it certainly helped me feel less alone.
Dr Groopman, an oncologist at Beth Israel Hosp in Boston, is the kind of compassionate and caring onc we all hope for. I heard him speak last week, and he is committed to the ideal that it is a physician's responsibility to form a bond with a patient that sees each person thru the weeks and months ahead.
"Anatomy of Hope - How People Prevail in the Face of Illness" also talks about the positive biochemical changes our brains experience when we have hope, which he defines as "the elevated feeling we experience when we see - in the mind's eye - a path to a better future...(it) gives us the courage to confront our circumstances and the capacity to surmount them."
Wishing us all continued hope, Judy


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    I really like Groopman's books also.

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    Soon as I get back, I'm hitting the bookstore. Thanks, asp.