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Am having two units of blood tom'w - never had a transfusion before. What is it like - amy queasy side effects etc.

Would like to feel more prepared for the unknown.


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    Sorry Jean, never had one, but wouldn't think any side effects except those in relationship to how you feel about it. Sort of like don't look and it'll be okay, you know what I mean...? The blood should be fine the way they screen it now days. I've said a prayer for you, I'm sure you'll be just fine. You'll probably feel better afterwards, more energy you know! God bless.
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    Hi Jean:

    I've never had a transfusion. My only experiences have involved Red Cross blood donations (prior to cancer, that is...can no longer donate, of course) I did make an "autologous" donation some years ago, prior to a surgical procedure. Reason being that this was in the 80's and blood wasn't considered as safe then as now, so my dr. suggested I have my own blood avail. just to be safe. In essence, they collected and stored a pint of my own blood to have available if I needed blood during the procedure, which I did not.

    From what I understand about transfusions, they're not a major deal as far as any pain, etc.. Typically just some chills maybe, after the procedure.

    You can read details for yourself:
    Go to: and from the start page, choose the 17th edition (this will be the 2nd book from the in color) Then go to the bottom of that page and click "proceed to table of contents". Choose hematology/oncology.
    There you will find indepth details about transfusions. Hope this may help some. Try not to be nervous and like Humm said, you'll do just fine and can look forward to feeling so much better afterward!

    Hugs and best wishes and please let us know how things are progressing as soon as you feel up to a little one on one with the computer.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    You will find the change in your energy level and abiility remarkable. This will effect a very positive outcome. Part of the reason that people feel totally washed out when they require a blood transfusion is the diminished capacity of the blood to pick up oxygen and carry it to the muscles and all the cells. After the transfusions, your oxygen level will improve tremendously. The type and crossmatch system is quite sophisticated now and prevents the kinds of reactions that used to occur. Not to worry.