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"Welcome to my world, where I carry around dreams, a few diseases, and the determination to live life my way". In his newly-published autobiography, "Blindsided", Richard M. Cohen gives us a frank yet hopeful account of his battles with multiple sclerosis and two occurences of colon cancer. You can buy "Blindsided" today with proceeds benefiting cancer survivors through the Lance Armstrong Foundation: http://mellowjohnny.com/surv.html

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    Go Lance! If he survived anyone can!! Thanks for the suggestion, we could all use some encouragement. -S
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    Lance Armstrong is my Hero..I am an ex-long distance
    touring cyclist, and read Lance's book "It's Not The
    Bike" (about his fight with cancer) during my chemo/radiation..every cancer patient can derive
    ispiration from this read. I have little "remember
    Lance" signs placed around the house.. Bud