ovaries removed?

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My 36 year old daughter had a masectomy last year.Her doctor says that to have her ovaries removed. She is concerned about side effects. Should she have them removed. She has never been married and has no children. Thanks.


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    Whenever there is a question about the plan of care, it is always best to obtain a second opinion.
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    You should get a second opinion. I talked with my oncologist about this just yesterday. I'm 46 and have 2 teenage daughters. He said he doesn't see it necessary to have them removed. I get a shot every 3 months to chemically stop my periods and he said that I'll have the shots for another year and then I should go in menopause naturally. HE said why go through another surgery. He also said that the removal of the ovaries does not mean that the estrogens will stop completely from reproducing, so please get another opinion. Your daughter is too young for this. I know some women on this site who had children, healthy children, after their treatment with chemo or who were pregnant when they underwent treatment. Hope I helped some. Hugs, Marie