Reoccurence fear/freeze

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I am over due now for my mammogram and visit w/Oncologist. Am a 6 year (YEAH) surivor. Just went through prostate cancer with my 42 year old husband and am dealing w/his concerns and fears. Seems to have brought back some bad memories. As a result, I seem to be literally frozen with fear and am not acting to call my oncologist to arrange appt/mammo. Am working on it, but just can't seem to make that call -- I am so afraid of a recurrence -- must don't want to know. Help!


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    It is normal for the old feelings and fears to surface when you have just dealt with someone else's cancer. I know they do for me each time too. All I can say is pick up the phone and call. Make yourself do it and make yourself do it as the first priority of the day. Get it done first and then you will be able to move on and accomplish other things. Our fears are just False Evidence Appearing Real. 9 times out of 10, they are just that and once we conquer the fear, we feel silly for imagining the worse. But even if it is a recurrence, you will deal with it just as many of us, including myself have. Just take a deep breath and make that call. Not knowing, is usualy worse than knowing, because the fear will keep you in bondage. Hope this helps. You can do it and we are here to help each other anyway we can.

    God Bless,
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    Duck, I certainly understand your fears, but you must put them in perspective. Not getting a mammogram will not only not stop any cancer that may be present, it will probably not stop your fear either. In fact it may increase your fear. By that I mean aren't you afraid that if you have cancer and you don't get a mammogram, the cancer will just get worse? If you have the mammogram and you don't have cancer, you can stop being afraid and worrying about it. It is not good for you to be thinking about it all the time and worrying. So, the only solution I can see is for you to make that appointment and get it over with. Than you can get on with whatever you need to do, get treatment for yourself, if you need it, or breath easier and take a vacation!!:-) /Amelia
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    All of us will begin to pray hard for God to give you the strength to move forward. Remember how it felt when your husband was getting started, did you have to motivate him and what would have happened if he refused to go? Use that and get a good friend or someone in your clergy to go with you. Pull on your friends and they will be there. I am going to pray for you now. Love and Blessings- Candy
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    We also have both had cancer. I was three months out of treatment when husband was dx with prostate cancer. He spent several months watching and waiting which was a bad plan as his PSA was 62 before he started radiation, to far advanced for surgery. Anyhow waiting is not the answer. Also after six years you are most likely worrying for nothing. Like the other gals have said worrying is not good for you or for your immune system. Your husband has been there and so have you so lean on each other to get through the mammogram or any other tests. If you wish to email me I'm at [email protected]. We do have extra problems to deal with as men can be difficult after going through prostate cancer. Linda
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    Hi Duck5373,
    I know how you feel. I had uterine cancer and always feared it would come back. I finally found out about a blood test that you can have that will measure the cancer cell activity in your whole body. The blood test is called AMAS Test. Which is short for Anti Malignin Antibody Serum. This test will show cancer cells 1 to 18 months before any tumors show up. If you have the test and it comes back positive you can actually change the cancer physiology in your body. There is also a different type of treatment cancer patients need to know about. It is called IPT. Which is short for Insulin Potentiation Therapy. I finally had the AMAS Test and everything came out okay. Check with your doctor if they give it. It seems that the conventional doctors do not. Just wanted to let you know that I know the feeling very well, so you are not alone. I hope this helps.