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My dad seems to be getting depressed over the chronic fatigue he feels, he does not have anemia, so they can't prescribe anything. The nurse said there's not much to do regarding the fatigue. I'm concerned about my dad and the depression, does this depression go away after treatment. My dad has never suffered depression before.


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    Hello, your dad's depression is perfectly normal, especially if he likes to bottle things up. I am the type of guy that likes quick fixes (i.e. meds) and hates expressing emotions. However, one of the best things that patients can do is to talk about what they are feeling. Odds are that this will be very difficult for your dad...right?? :-) If you can get him to talk to a counselor, group, or whomever he feels comfortable with it might help. To get me to open up my wife made me start a journal so I could get my feelings out, but still keep it to myself. That might be a good start. As for after treatment, I have been in remission for 8 months now and it is still a roller coaster. I feel a 100 times better now than I did during treatment and unlike your dad I was anemic, neutropenic, and all sorts of other stuff. Over time things do get easier and the fog does lift; however, it can always be helped by talking with someone. I didn't talk enough, but when I did it really did and does still help. I am sure others might have something add, but those are my 2 cents. Best wishes to your father, you, and your family during this difficult time!!
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    I don't know what kind of chemo your dad is on but if it includes the high doses of prednisone that may be contributing to the depression as well. My chemo was MOPP and I was very depressed. My internist told me that most people become very euphoric on high prednisone doses but a few of us "strange" people go the other way. Maybe this is one of your dads problems as well. As soon as I was done my chemo and off that stuff, I felt much better. The diagnoses of cancer is enough to make anyone depressed and when the drugs and the fatigue are working against you to, its no fun. I am cured and its been 15 years. Tell your dad to hang in there, he'll be fine.
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    Hi! I have been in remission for one year. I did experience being depressed when i was undergoing treatment. Everyday was a different day for me. I've had days when i would cry all day. The funny thing about it is i really had no reason to cry. I was alive, i had a great family around me. But the reality of it is, is that when you are undergoing treatment the life you were living before has now changed. I will use myself for an example. I worked full time and went to school before i was diagnosed. I hung out with friends on my free time. Once I started undergoing treatment my life was not so normal anymore. Another part of my depression was that i felt like no one really understood me. the way your father is feeling is very normal. Almost anyone you talk to who has had cancer before will tell you the same thing. The good news is, is that once his treatment is over, he will no longer feel depressed.