Mom just had surgery, some questions

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Hi, I'm new to the group. My mom is a 79 yo colon-rectal cancer survivor of 17 years. She had a routine chest xray in december 03, and the docs found a nodule about 2 cm. A biopsy attempt failed, and she had surgery 2/20 to inspect the nodule. The surgeon removed the nodule and a portion of her upper left lobe. He said it appeared to be stage 1 cancer, and he would know more in about a week. She is recovering well, but is very depressed about the proposed treatment, which is 4 weeks of radiation (4x per week) and "light" chemo once a week for 4 weeks. The docs said this was a preventative only, and many of you have received far worse. I guess I am looking for anyone who has had similar experiences, and any advice or info would be appreciated.


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    Had surgery on my leg in sept 03. Leg become infected and i had to go to hopital for anti-bio treatment had a chest x=ray foundapot on my right lung. biopsy attempt failed.Had upper right portion of my right lung removed,stage one cancer. Surgeon said that the nodule was removed and that he felt that i would not need any treatment. I opt for 5day a week for 5 weeks of radiation. I have had since then 2 pet/cat scans and there is no trace of cancer. I can understand your mothers feelings and my advise is to be happy that it was caught in time at stage one. I am 72 years old and feel that i have been blessed.
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    In regards to you mother getting chemo and radiation. I was diagnosed with lung cancer on Oct 2 2003. I was started with light chemo once a week for 6 weeks and at the same time radiation 5 X a week for 5 weeks. The last week was a bit rough. The skin burned and I needed to have special creams to sooth and heal the burn. As for the chemo, the only real effect I had from those 6 treatments was extream tiredness for a couple of days after. I then had surgery on Feb 4, 2004. All cancer removed from the lung and the 2 lymph nodes. They removed the upper right lobe of my lung and also 5 nodes. They assured me they got everything but wanted me to get 2 more MEGGA Chemo's just as insurance. Just in case there are any radical cells left floating around my body. I had one chemo on Feb 27. Felt real, real tired and acky. My hair are now starting to fall out in clumps. My next chemo is the 19th of March. I know I won't have any hair left. The hair didn,t fall out the first time. They sure are now. I think that's the thing that bothers me the most. I didn't cry a whole lot through everything else. I kept telling myself, be brave, you can do it, you'll beat this thing. You know, all of those pep talks. I think the hair falling out is a pressure valve that just went off. I now cry a lot. That's why I decided to go on line to share with others who are going through the same thing that I am. And let them know that they arn't alone. Your loved ones want to help, and they do. But they really can't appreciate the feelings we experience. I know how alone I feel at times even with a house full of people.. I'm so tired of being tired and having pain. And now, losing the hair. I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Ok, enough of me. I hope my experience will help you in some small way. I wish I would have heard of this site sooner. Maybe it would have made things a little bit better for me.
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