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Hey guys I was told about a new drug that has been approved by the FDA. It is called Avastin, I don't know if I would be open to this but some of you might. the web site is
Let me know what you think


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    Hi Pattie,

    Since the mets. were found, I have been doing research and closely tracking the evolution of two monoclonal antibodies - Erbitux and Avastin. In my opinion, Avastin does seem promising, however more data needs to come in before I'll be convinced. It is nice to know that there are more drugs coming down the pipeline, isn't it?! Back in 1996 all they had was 5FU, now we're looking at 4 or 5 different drugs to treat metastatic cancer. It gives me hope - every new treatment may bring us one step closer to THE cure and it's always nice to have options. Thanks for the info. Pattie! Have a great day.