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Thanks, Emily for your message. I salute you for taking the alternative route. I have chosen chemo, but try everything else possible to supplement the chemicals! Before I was diagnosed, I taught ESL to Korean children and adults. I love that culture. One of my Korean students brings me green tea from Korea and she also brought me some type of mushrooms. I asked her for the name, but it got "Lost in Translation!". Anyway, I boil the mushroom for about an hour and then drink at least a glass or two of it each day. She says that it is supposed to be "anti-cancer" medicine. It really doesn't have a taste and my oncologist approved of it. I am always open to any and all treatments.

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    Hi Kay,

    Yes I drink Green Tea too as well as Essiac, Pau D'Arco. All good for cancer.

    I took mushroom supplements as part of my protocol too. Maitake and Shitake and others but I don;t remember the names.

    A very excellent book to help in supplementation choices during chemo is Beating Cancer With Nutrition by Dr. Patrick Quillin. He has wonderful info on what supplements to take for what chemo/rad treatments for which cancers. I recommended it to my own oncologist when I found out he was diagnosed with colon cancer himself! Actually I told him that every single one of his patients should be handed this book at dx!!

    Keep drinking! (tea that is) :-)

    peace, emily