Giving a big hug

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I just want to say something to all you parents with small childred and wives/husbands, I don't know how you do it my kids are grown so I don't have the problems you do. And I want to give you big hugs for doing what you are doing and going thru what you are. I love all you guys. You sometimes make my problems look mighty small compared to yours.


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    me too, Pattie..I think all parents are heros. Bud
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    nanuk said:

    me too, Pattie..I think all parents are heros. Bud

    Hugs n luv back to yah Pattie--I have 3 adult children who support me to the max. You know the amazing thing is I have a son who works for me and knows the job can be tough at times.He used to confront me with lots of problems that I really thought he should "manage" himself.Now, thru all my problems he has taken it on himself to do just that without worrying me--he figures I and his mum have enough on our plates.One word crosses my mind---PROUD--'cos that is what I am--VERY, VERY proud to have a son who wants to make life easier for me.Proud to have a daughter and older son that give us so much love and support.
    And, I am so PROUD to have Jen by my side--for whatever the future holds for us.
    Then we also think of the guys here who feel so alone and are trying to cope alone--we wish them so much hope and happiness thankfull that we already have the support.
    Our love and hugs go out to all you guys!
    kanga and Jen
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    I feel like we're filming a beer commercial..."I love you man!"

    All kidding aside...I honestly believe that keeping busy with my kids were totally the driving force for me. I have WAY too much teaching to do to leave them now...

    YOU too are so awesome, though, Pattie...look how far you have come! I think about everyone I've "met" here every day, with the BEST intentions for continued success.