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my dads nurse says they do a pet scan after 8 cycles or is it 4 cycles? I pray there is no activity. I'm afraid my dad might get upset if there is still activity. The nurse says they would have to adjust the chemo and they would continue the cycles. What has been the outcome of pet scan after 4 cycles for everyone. The nurse hopes my dad will have fewer cycles, due to the response of chemo and stage he was considered between I and II. Can anyone give me some feedback.


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    Sandy had her scans redone after 4 cycles (8 treatments). From what I understand, most oncologists try to get a clean PET scan and then give an additional 2 cycles to try to make sure they get every speck of the Hodgkin's. In Sandy's case, her PET scan showed no activity after 4 cycles, so she is on track to receive a total of 6 cycles. I know it isn't easy, but try to have as much faith as you can that everything will go well.
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    Does your dad get both a PET and a CT? Sometimes my PET lit up where my CT did not. On one occasion the PET lit up where I had fractured 3 ribs, but the CT was fine. On another occasion, the CT showed small spots on my lungs, but on the PET it didn't light up. Turns out my lungs had some kind of weird fungus! PETs light up for any highly metabolic cells (which are not always cancer). CTs show unusual masses (which are also not always cancer). That is why my doc does them both and then lines them up for comparison.
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    i recieved a pet after 4 cylces and there was almost no activity. the dr gave me 17 radiations to clean up the area and it worked. keep your chin up, it will be over soon. :)