Anyone develop lymphedema?

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This is my first posting...I am 30 and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's stage IIA one year ago. I had a lymph node biopsied from under my left arm followed by ABVD. After my chemo I still had a lump under the right arm--the PET scan was negative, but my doc did a biopsy of the right arm mass and it was just scar tissue. We then did a light course of radiation. I was warned that I might get lymphedema in the right arm because that biopsy came so close before radiation. However, last week my LEFT arm swelled up on me and I am getting therapy for lymphedema. Everything I am learning about it is geared toward breast cancer survivors. Is there anyone out there who has lymphedema?


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    Hello, my dad has Hodgkins Stage IIA also, he is currently having chemo. The only thing I know is that lymphedema can be treated with antibiotics or compression therapy. I wish I could be of more help, but I hope your feeling better soon. I'm happy to hear you are in remission. Keep me updated.
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    While it is true that most secondary lymphedema afflicts breast cancer curvivors, I know many other cancer survivors (lymphomas, ovarian, etc) that have developed lymphedema.

    Lymphedema can be caused by eitheer removal of the lymph nodes for biopsy or from radiation damage to eithere the nodes or lymphatic system.

    I was born with hereditary lymphedema - however, I
    was diagnosed with mixed B cell lymphoma in 1995 and lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma in 2000.

    I would love to be of help to anyone struggling with lymphedema, please let me know if I can be.

    There is treatment available that can truely make a differance.

    Pat O'Connor
    Lymphedema People