11 yrs. post laser and confused

HI all, I feel horrible writing about my concerns when I see many of you have had chemo,etc.. I had cervical cancer when I was 21 and had laser surgery and was determined cancer free. My encologist did a yearly pap and colposcopy. I switched insurance companies and now see whichever OB/Gyn I can. One said, "Ah, we'll just do a pap and if it's ok, it's ok." (Worried me) Today I see one and he says a pap won't show all and that I have stenosis which disables him from getting into my endocervical canal to get more tissue to sample. He also said I will get cancer again, could be 5 yrs, could be 50. Can anyone tell me if they get a yearly colposcopy or give me advice? Somehow, I don't feel totally safe just getting a pap. Thanks :-)


  • MrsSantolla
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    Hi Shellby,
    I havent had any colposcopys since my treatments. I have had paps at each visit. To be honest I dont feel safe with just paps either. When my cancer was caught, my oncologist actually was able to draw out the shape of the tumor, therefore the internal exams are more important to me. Also, I have alot of trust in my oncologist. I feel he was and is a God send. Nevertheless, if having a colposcopy would make you feel better, request it. The medical providers are here for us. Also, ask questions, ask questions, ask questions. Getting a good biopsy of the endocervical canal is very important. Hang in there. I dont see why the doctor told you, you would get cancer again. Only thing I can say is ask why. Your staying on top of your health and that is the best thing you can do. Well take care and God bless.
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    Hi. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 10 years ago. i too only had laser surgery and was told i would be ok. I worry alot about it too. I actually had my yearly pap and was then diagnosed with it 2 months later. My pap was "normal" and then a few months later it was on my cervix in 3 different spots. I think it is very important to trust your ob/gyn and oncologist. Anytime I have any worries or concerns, I ask to be tested.