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Has anypone experienced the same regrets as myself I was daignosed with a minor salivary gland cancer under the tongue it was very small just a red mark and the bully consultant frightened me half to death with reports saying i would have a horroible death etc. I undert went surgery but no other treatmene I wa s62 and fit and healthy excerises regularly and taught part time. In a daze I agreed to surgery but how I wish I had not. Ive seen a report that some cancer are too lay to grow and mine would have been like that as i did not know it was there and in 7 months from the dentist discovery it had not moved at all I now realise that I could have said no and it is possible that it would have reamined dormant for many years especiall ywith my age a neckl dissection was done and there was no lymph gland involvment. Are there anyone else like myself who somehow knew they did not have invasive cancer and are annoyed


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    I don't have regrets yet, but my doctor seems to be pushing for "aggressive" treatment, neck dissection, etc,, and I don't know what all treatment I should reject. I have just a dime size sore in the cheek where a tooth has bothered for years. Biopsy called it superficially invasive well differentiated. I'm not too comfortable letting them do EVERYTHING they want.