Tamoxifen or Evista

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Has anyone chosen to stop Tamoxifen and take Evista? I have decided after much research and talking to my GP to go this route. I need to rebuild my bones and am afraid of endometrial cancer. Evista has in studies proven very effective in preventing breast cancer. I have taken Tamoxifen for thirteen months following chemo,lumpectomy and radiation. Linda


  • jeancmici
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    Hi Linda,
    I have a friend in her 50's whose doctor husband decided she would be on Evista instead of tamoxifen and she had had good results. He based his decision on trials in Europe wirh Evista.

    Perhaps this will help your decision. To me,it sounds reasonable. In my case tamoxifen apparently backfired and worked like estrogen - this sometimes happens. As to whether Evista could do this, who knows.

    Discuss and do research before you decide.
    Good Luck, Jean
  • judiek
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    I would definately do some research on this. As like Jean, tamoxifan may have fueled my cancer. It did not work with me at all. I felt good about taking tamoxifin, I was never told it could work against you...I'm disappointed in myself for not researching it more. Hope this helps.

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    Linda, I have bone density problems also. I will be starting Tamoxifen. My oncologist and I discussed this topic at length. He said Tamoxifen does not affect the bones, it only prevents breast tissue from using estrogen. Not sure this this is what yoru were wondering, but I will be starting my tamoxifen soon. I am just post-treatment.

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    Linda, I was on Tamoxifen for 5 years and now 10 years later with return of cancer I am on Arimidex, I also have osteoporosis. The doc was going to put me on Evista and when I was reading the pamphlet on it you are not suppose to take it if you are currently in treatment for cancer and taking Arimidex is in treatment so I couldn't take it. They have me on Actonel instead. Hope this helps you.