hot flashes from surgical menopause

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Hi, I am new to this site. I was diagnosed with oviarian cancer this past December, and had a total hystyrectomy on Christmas eve. I went through the mood swings, and found that herbs have helped with that. I fired the gyn that did the surgery, because he didnt discuss any hrt treatments, I have a new doc, and she wants to do more tests to see if the cancer has spread. Anyway, in the meantime I am suffering with hot flashes. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do about this until I can go to see the doc this Weds (Feb 25).


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    Hi Cathie,

    I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I was dx with Stage 1C Ovarian cancer in April 01. I also had a full hysterectomy and have had menopause symptoms like hot flashes, moodiness, dry skin/hair, peeling nails...charming, huh?! I recently started taking Black Cohosh, which is a natural herbal supplement designed specifically to relieve hot flashes and it works! You take one pill a day and you can buy them anywhere vitamins are sold. I also find that exercize (even something easy like walking) helps and eating lots of protein does, too. People have recommended Green Tea, but I can't stand the taste of it.

    Surgical menopause is tramatic because it's immediate and your body has no time to adjust.

    Definitely give the Cohosh a try. Good luck with your doctor visit and let us know how are you are doing.

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    I know what you mean. Had Stage 1C, total hysterctomy, omentum, lymph nodes. Hot flashes became better when I started working out (resistive training) because that raises one's testosterone level. All around that's the best for ovarian situations because estrogen is a no-no. As far as supplements I take a variety (can elaborate if you'd like). The other suggestions sound good, just investigate to be sure none of them increase Estrogen as some herbs can do. Good luck and hang in there. I've actually had no problems for the last 3 years in the hot-flash area!
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    I started having some hot flashes after my surgery, and had some depression. My family practice doctor suggested I try an anti-depressant, and prescribed Zoloft. While I can't say I notice a huge diffence day to day, I can have a little more fun than I was having, and the flashes are a little more tolerable, too. I can't take anything herbal without checking to see if it has blood thinning properties, and find most of the ones recommended for women's troubles do. I wouldn't be suprised if your doctor recommends an anti-depressant.

    The newer drugs are not as dramatic as the old ones were, and take up to a month to really start working.