What can nurses do to better help you?

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I am an RN student and I would like to know what the nurses who care for you could do to better help you? I'm anxious to get your feedback! Please reply!


  • abartender
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    #1treat others the same way you would like to be treated.
    #2 most of us are sorta pros on the way our bodys work & know all the good spots to be injected are, please dont take it personel,if we tell you where we prefer to be stuck.
    #3 just because we look ok dosn't mean we feel ok
    thats a big misconception,mostof our aliments are
    not in your face & most of us put on a good farce that alls ok , lol thats because we,ve been doing this so long we're use to just about everything the big C can throw our way.
    #4 SMILE its contagious , a gentel pat on the back
    n a smile r some of the best medicine:0}
    #5 I dont like the word cancer,,it scares most people, the big c , or c is fine with most of my friends & family that are enduring it.
    Thanks for asking ,,it realy shows you care, god bless you and guide you threw every day , i'll
    put n a good word for you too cant hurt ,faithkeeps us going when we have , or feel we have nothing else.
    Mark a.k.a abartender