What can nurses do to better help you?

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I am an RN student and I would like to know what the nurses who care for you could do to better help you? I'm anxious to get your feedback! Please reply!


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    This may seem sort of trivial when confronted with cancer. Nurses in the hospital seem very sensitive to your privacy but when visiting the Urologist in his office it is not the same. For example, when undergoing the process using a camera inserted into your urinary track I enter the room, am asked to disrobe and use a robe. When placed on the table, the young female assistant will lift the robe and look under it. She will then return and do the process over again usually asking for yo to slide forward. When the urologist enters the room, he throws you garment up to your chest exposing you to the assistant standing less than two feet away. She will place close attention to the process almost fixed in her looking at the process. I am only suggesting that future nurses take the time to recognize that men too are very sensitive. I now understand my wifes complaints when there were too few female gynocologists. My e-mail address is [email protected]. I do not know if the technical assistant at the doctors office are nurses. It seems I get a new one each time I visit.