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I had an RP on 6/4/03. My cancer was confined and I had a Gleason of 7 (4+3).Bone and cat scans prior to surgery came back clean. Two months after surgery I had agonizing lower back pain on the right side. Xrays and an MRI revealed that I have a herniated disc. At this time, I have lower back pain on the left side. Does anyone know if a herniated disc can be a result of prostate cancer? My urologist didn't seem concerned, but now that my pain has traveled from the right side to the left side I am a little worried. Do you think that my imagination is getting the best of me or is it something I should follow up on? I am only 43 and am afraid of any recurrance. Does anyone think that I should ask my doctor to repeat the bone scan now? Shouldn't followup bone scans be done at least once a year to confirm that there is no recurrance?


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    Hey Billy D, I am 39 and 8 months post RP. 7 years ago I had back surgery for the symptoms you described. With a little care, I've been fine since. A herniated disk is totally unrelated to the prostate issue. Back then, my PSA was under .7. I read through a number of your messages, and we're going through the same frustrations on the ED front. I thought your message on the injection was, well.. scary. Have you tried it again. I've tested fine since the post op, but you must remain dilligent on the testing. As you've read, someones PSA started to rise 3 years post RP. One recomendation, before surgery, try a recommended, mature, gonstead chiropractor. I've viewed them as quacks for years until 2 years ago. He has worked miracles with my neck, and shoulder pain. He has even adjusted my back when I injured it weight lifting- and yes I'm totally fine. Those guys are rare, look for the ones who've been at it for a while (15 years+)