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A year ago January 2003 I was told I had stage 3 Non small cell lung cancer.My tumor was 6 cm in size. I went through 12 weeks of Chemo and started radiation treatments "38" in all. Was given another 5 straight days of chemo, off a week and back for five more days of chemo. I also have been on 1200 mg of celebrex a days since January of 2003.I have had several cat scans and PET scans. My tumor at last scan,2weeks ago has srunk from 6cm to 1.9X1.8. I am back to work and feeling very good. I am 69 years old and thankful to God to be doing so well. Just want others to know there is help in some study treatment. Don't ever give up. I have great support from my family friends and work team and above all my faith in God keeps me very positive. God bless you all. Phyl


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    Congratulations. I'm a IIIb also from January 2003. I'm only 42. Went through only 9 weeks of chemo and a few radiation treatments. Had my right lung removed and we think they took all the cancer with it. So far I'm still clean. I've been back to work for 10 months now. I'm just starting to run a little after months of walking. Last night I started taking a step aerobics class too. There is hope indeed. As far as I'm concerned I'm cured!!!! Best of luck to you and everyone.
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    Thankyou for the words of encouragement..My mother has stage III NSCLC..I am happy to hear that you are doing well after chemo and radiation..